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JRC compiles a lively list of lively people:

One Hundred and One Men and Women of Influence
Who Were Influenced by GIG & PDO

Here is a list of those men and women who have demonstrated in their
lives or in their work, ideally in both, a familiarity with the ideas
of G.I. Gurdjieff and P.D. Ouspensky. This familiarity has taken the
form of a creative response to these ideas for the reason that the
majority of these people are artists and writers, though among them
are as well numerous philosophers and musicians and physicians, some
social activists, and a handful of public figures. For these men and
women there is no “ashram,” “church,” or “monastery”; instead, there
is the school – “the school of life.” To keep the list within bounds –
one hundred is an arbitrary number but also a round number, one that
is associated with anniversaries and commemoratives – I have had to
overlook the contributions of a great many talented and accomplished
men and women whose lives and works have been solely devoted to the
exposition of the principles of the Work; their contributions,
especially in writing, music, and dance, have been “vaster than vast,”
though known to “fewer than few.” It is with regret that I have had to
overlook a number of “name” writers who expressed curiosity about
these ideas and attended lectures or even dinner parties with
Gurdjieff or Ouspensky. (Aldous Huxley and T.S. Eliot fall into this
group of socialites: in my opinion, Huxley’s ground-breaking anthology
The Perennial Philosophy and the “libation scene” of Eliot’s The
Cocktail Party and other literary works owe not a little to the
Special Doctrine.) The compilation of this list was made easier
through the contribution of Simson Najovits, Franco-Canadian
Egyptologist and writer. The sharp-eyed reader of this list will
notice that it does not have exactly one hundred entries. So the
reader is invited to add or subtract names. Who has been overlooked?
Who should not be included?

Adaskin, Harry. Canadian composer and memoirist

Adie, George. English group leader in Australia

Adie, Helen. English musician and movements teacher in Australia

Aldiss, Brian W. English science-fiction novelist

Allileyuva, Svetlana. Russian-American memoirist, Stalin’s daughter

Amis, Robin. British lecturer, Praxis Institute founder

Anderson, Margaret. American literary editor

Barjavel, René. French novelist and journalist

Bennett, J.G. English polymath, teacher

Benoît, Hubert. French psychiatrist and writer

Beresford, J.D. English novelist

Blackwood, Algernon. English horror-story writer

Bragdon, Claude. American architect and writer

Brook, Peter. Anglo-French theatre and film director

Buchan, John. Anglo-Scottish novelist, statesman

Burton, Robert Earl. American founder of Fellowship of Friends

Buzzell, Keith. American physician and lecturer

Conge, Michel. French physician, biologist, and teacher

Claustres, Solanges. French psychotherapist and teacher

Collin, Rodney. English philosopher and writer

Dalcroze, Jacques. Swiss originator of rhythmic gymnastics

Daly, Tom. Canadian film producer

Daumal, René. French writer and poet

Del Vasto, Lanza. Italian-born writer, pacifist

De Ropp, Robert S. English biochemist and teacher

Denis Healey. British, future Chancellor of the Exchequer

Dietrich, Luc. French writer

Dukes, Sir Paul. British secret agent, traveller, yoga instructor

Feldenkrais, Moshe. Ukrainian-born Israeli psycho-physiotherapist

Flanner, Janet. Franco-American essayist known as “Genêt”

Fremantle, Anne. British-born art critic

Fremantle, Christopher. Anglo-American painter and teacher

Gale, Zona. American regional novelist

George, James. Canadian diplomat and ecologist

Ginsburg, Seymour. American businessman and writer

Harris, Lawren. Canadian painter and theorist

Hartmann, Thomas de. Russian-American composer and arranger

Heap, Jane. American literary editor

Heard, Gerald. Anglo-American essayist and intellectual

Hume, Kathryn. American memorist

Hykes, David. American composer.

Ichazo, Oscar. Bolivian philosopher

Isherwood, Christopher. American author

Jarrett, Keith. American pianist and composer

Jodorowsky, Alexandro. Chilean producer and director

Jouvet, Louis. French actor and producer

Khan Dessertenne, Jean. French philosopher and poet

King, Alexander. Anglo-Scottish scientist, co-founder, Club of Rome

King, C. Daly. American psychologist and author

Kirsten, Lincoln. American ballet personality

Kheridan, David. Armenian-American writer

Kremski, Alain. French pianist and composer

Landau, Rom. Polish-born, British Arabist and journalist

Lannes, Henriette. French group leader of the Gurdjieff Society in England

Lavastine, Philippe. French orientalist

Leblanc, Georgette. French opera singer, memoirist

Lewis, Cecil. English novelist and broadcaster

Lubtchansky, Jean-Claude. French film-maker

Luhan, Mabel Dodge. American patron of the arts

Mansfield, Katherine. New Zealand fiction-writer

March, Louise. Swiss-American translator, community founder

Mercurov, Sergei Dmitrievich. Russian sculptor

Moore, James. English biographer and group leader

Mouravieff, Boris. Russian-born philosopher and writer

Munson, Gorham B. American literary editor

Roscoe, Burton. American journalist

Naranjo, Claudio. Chilean psychotherapist

Needleman, Jacob. Author, philosopher of comparative religion

Nicoll, Maurice. Anglo-Scottish psychiatrist, teacher

Orage, A.R. English editor and essayist

Owens, Terry Winter. American composer and pianist

Patterson, William Patrick. American editor, lecturer, group leader

Pauwels, Louis. French editor and author

Pohl, Vladimir. Russian musician

Priestley, J.B. English man-of-letters

Random, Michel. French writer

Ravindra, Ravi. Indo-Canadian physicist and philosopher

Rolf, Ida. American chemist, founder of Structural Integration

Rothermere, Lady. English socialite born Mary Lilian, Vicountess

Rubbra, Edmund. English composer of classical music

Salzmann, Alexandre de. Russian-born artist and theatrical designer

Salzmann, Jeanne de. Swiss-French dance instructor and group leader

Salzmann, Michel de. French psychiatrist and group leader

Saurat, Denis. Anglo-French littérateur

Schaeffer, Pierre. French experimental composer

Schumacher, E.F. Anglo-Austrian economists and ecologist

Segal, William. American painter and publisher

Shah, Idries. Indian-born, self-styled Sufi

Solano, Solita. American belle-lettrist

Staveley, Annie Lou. American, community founder

Stjoernval, Leonid. Finnish psychiatrist

Tarte, Charles T. American psychologist and parapsychologist

Taylor, Paul Beekman. British academic and writer

Toomer, Jean. American author

Tracol, Henri. French ethnographer and journalist

Travers, P.L. Anglo-Australian author, Mary Poppins, etc.

Vaysse, Jean. French surgeon and teacher

Walker, Kenneth. English surgeon and author

Webb, James. Anglo-Scottish historian of the occult

Welch, Louise. American biographer and group leader

Welch, William. American physician, writer, foundation leader

White, Minor. American painter

Wilson, Colin. English author

Wright, Frank Lloyd. American architect and theorist

Zuber, René. French photographer

John Robert Colombo is the Toronto-based author and anthologist of close to 200 separate books. This fall will see the publication of “The Big Book of Canadian Ghost Stories” and “Whistle While You Work” (a collection of essays on consciousness studies, some from this news-blog). His website is www. colombo plus. ca. His email address is


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