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THE FORGOTTEN LANGUAGE OF CHILDREN: An Experiment in Conscious Living

Notice of this newly published book arrived by email this morning, no image of the cover  is available.

The Forgotten Language of Children:

An Experiment in Conscious Living

By Lillian Firestone

With a foreword by Tenzin Robert Thurman

Both a memoir and a call to action, this book is the first comprehensive account of the principles and methods of education as practiced by G. I. Gurdjieff and his pupils, and how they have been successfully applied through what is known as “The Children’s Work”.

Filled with unique unpublished accounts, many written by the children themselves, the book is an essential contribution to the Fourth Way literature. It offers adults a key to the forgotten language of children and provides the reader with a clear and immediate representation of how it can be accessed and effectively applied to real life.

“Irresistibly vivid and truly useful.”

Peter Brook.  Theatre and film director.

“Lillian Firestone brings to life the amazing work started in the sixties… the conscious living of the evolutionary life.”

-Tenzin Robert Thurman. Professor of Buddhist Studies, Columbia University, author of 24 books including Circling the Sacred Mountain, Jewel Tree of Tibet.

“Reading this book involves ache and longing and astonishment-ache for the whole education most of us didn’t receive, longing for this profound and novel form of education to find its way in the world, and astonishment at the insights in these pages. This is a permanent book, a resource for parents and educators.”

Roger Lipsey, author of Angelic Mistakes: The Art of Thomas Merton.

“I know of no book like it. A joyous, sustained revelation of a quality of love and attention that our children desperately need for their inner growth.”

Jacob Needleman, author of The American Soul, and Why Can’t We Be Good?

“This book brings together the ideas and practices for a balanced development between the mind, the feelings and the body. To all those who care for the real education of children, I enthusiastically recommend this well-written and important book.”

-Ravi Ravindra, author of Heart Without Measure, Science and the Sacred, and Krishnamurti: Two Birds on One Branch.

“Child psychiatry aims to hold the mirror for children to perceive themselves.  Gurdjieff’s work with children does exactly that and further adds spiritual dimensions to the growth and development of the child, which is tacitly understood by psychiatry but never explicitly explored or emphasized.”

Child Psychiatrist Risa Levenson Gold, M.D.


June 4, 2010 at 7:46 am

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