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Svend Erik Louland


Kyndby, Denmark


I have received the following from a friend of Svend’s and am posting it here so those who knew him will join with his son Torsten and daughter Jenny, who announce his passing with great sorrow.

Svend Erik Louland

° 9 November 1919, Kyndby, Denmark

4 April 2011, London, England

Svend was variously a forester, musician, mariner, haematologist, husband, father, grandfather, minicab driver, people watcher, wit, wordsmith, writer, philosopher, cigar smoker, a warm and loving man, a stubborn and complex man, a remarkable man.


He remains our dear father and friend.

The funeral will be held at

Islington Chapel

Islington and St Pancras Cemetery

Tuesday 12 April 2011



April 10, 2011 at 4:22 pm

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