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Osho on Reading Castandeda: first read Gurdjieff

Castandea in 1949

Castaneda in 1949


Osho on Castandeda

‘First you should read ALL AND EVERYTHING of George Gurdjieff and then you can read Carlos Castaneda’s books. It is a very difficult training to read Gurdjieff; in fact no more than a few dozen people exist in the world who have read his book ALL AND EVERYTHING completely. It is difficult. It is a one thousand-page book and Gurdjieff is a master of hiding things. He goes on saying irrelevant things, useless things, spinning tales within tales — hundreds of pages and then one line of truth, but it is worth seeking, it is a diamond. A hundred pages of rubbish, but then comes a diamond — it is worth it.

If you can find the diamonds in Gurdjieff it will be a great training for you. And then you can find in Carlos Castaneda what is true and what is not true. Otherwise you can become a victim of a fiction’.

quoted from: message from masters site

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August 19, 2009 at 2:32 pm

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