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George Adie a Gurdjieff Pupil in Australia (322 pages with 82 black and white photographs)
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· reveals how Adie’s practical mysticism helped his students to live Gurdjieff’s ideas

· recollects P. D. Ouspensky and G. I. Gurdjieff

· remembers his wife Helen, a foremost interpreter of Gurdjieff – de Hartmann music

· includes Adie’s writings, with notes on the appearance and the materialization
of the astral body

· with introductory chapters by his pupil Joseph Azize

· tells the story of the Work in Australia from 1965-1989

From the Introduction: the tenor of the man- clear, direct and above all, caring – resonates throughout the pages.
Dr Andrew Rawlinson The Book of Enlightened Masters

At last an important account of ‘The Work’ or ‘the Gurdjieff tradition’ in Australia!
And it is a crucial primary source; diary materials and workshop notes skilfully woven and
developed into a highly readable book.
Professor Garry Trompf University of Sydney

A page turner – rare in serious work books.
John Scullion

Scholarship will be advanced by the publication of this important source.
Dr Carole Cusack University of Sydney

Helen was an important figure in her own right both as a concert pianist,
composer, and, in effect, co-leader of the Adie group.
Seymour B. Ginsburg Gurdjieff Unveiled

This book will be of interest not just to the Gurdjieff devotee and the scholar of new religions,
but also to the general reader fascinated by the goings on in such groups and the minds of their
members. It is a worthy testimony to the life of George Adie.
Dr Daren Kemp co-editor Journal of Alternative Spiritualities and New Age Studies

Joseph Azize has successfully straddled that perilous territory between academic objectivity
and active participation, deftly managing to reconcile these often hostile viewpoints.
Dr Helen Farley University of Queensland



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